Covid-19 Public health Order and Impacts for the weekend of 26-27 June

Following the latest COVID-19 update provided by the NSW Government this morning AFL NSW ACT will be distributing an information document shortly on the application of the current Public Health Orders. Prior to this release a brief update for the HCC clubs has been provided by the HCC Board:


It is important to stress that the current public health order do allow community football matches to be played on the Central Coast on the condition that the relevant health orders are adhered to. These requirements include wearing masks, social distancing and travel restrictions, with the specific mechanics of these requirements to be included in the AFL communication to be distributed shortly. In summary the following will be applied for this weekend:

  • Matches on the Central Coast with all Central Coast based teams and games in the Hunter, with all Hunter based teams, can proceed as per the current fixture.
  • Matches that include a Central Coast and a Hunter team are to be postponed.
  • Matches played on the Central Coast to be operated under the current Public Health Orders (full details will be in the AFL communications).
  • Players / officials / volunteers / spectators who reside or work within Greater Sydney (including Central Coast) and are attending matches within the Hunter Region are required to comply with the mask wearing Health Order (full details will be in the AFL communications).

once the league receives communication from AFL NSW/ACT outlining the restrictions that will be in place for games taking place on the Central Coast, these will be passed on to clubs.