Warners Bay Senior Season in Review

It has been a positive year with both male teams making it into the finals with 2019 seeing a huge
improvement for the Plate side where the doggies made it to their 1st Preliminary Final in 10
years, which was a huge success for the team. With a number of new players to the club who have
never played before this was a good outcome for the club. However there is still plenty of work to
be done and there is plenty of potential amongst the playing group.

The Women’s side had another positive season however they just missed out on the finals
finishing in 8th position. They had high participation numbers at training and a growth of 12
debutants for the team. With more experience gained from our developing players and some of
the more experienced girls starting to play some good football the signs are very promising for the

The doggies Cup side came 6th in their competition with 17 players making their debuts. With
such a high number of quality players moving on from season 2018 it was always going to be a
year of growth and opportunity for the youth of our club to take their chance and for some
players to seize the opportunity and step up to senior football. With the further improvement of
the grounds facilities, such as new lighting on the second oval, the improved playing surface on
number one oval and further investment throughout the year in new training equipment there
should be plenty of enthusiasm for next season as we are now able to offer a lot more to the
players and coaches to utilise.

Club Awards

Top Place getters – Cup
1st – Sam Gibbons
2nd – Jake Roach
3rd – Corey Deverell
4th – Ryan Sorensen
5th – Nicholas Turner

Top Place Getters – Women’s
1st – Jasmine Wellings
2nd – Caitlin Wolfe
3rd – Alex Delbridge
4th – Sam Delany
5th – Abbey Lynch and Tracy Baker-Holmes

Top Place Getters – Plate
1st – Josh Nicol
2nd – Ryan Clarke and Michael Willis
3rd – Ian Bird
4th – Patrick Quinn
5th – Lincoln Stewart

Club Person of the year – Louisa Buckley
Female Young Footballer of the year – Jasmine Wellings
Nathan Brennan Young Footballer of the year – Jeremy Smith
Steve May Highest Goal Kicker Award – Jake Roach (31 goals)

Most improved – Kyle Ross Evans
Most Consistent – Ian Bird
Most Determined – Jared Neale
Coach’s Award – Will Scott
Players player – Josh Nicol

Most Improved – Abbey Lynch
Most Consistent – Di Crep
Most Determined – Jade McPherson
Coach’s Award – Caitlin Wolfe
Players player – Samantha Delany

Most improved – Jack Downing
Most Consistent – Ryan Sorensen
Most Determined – Corey Deverell
Coach’s Award – Cooper Garrett
Players Player – Sam Gibbons

There will be a change in all grades coaches for the 2020 season with the retirement of Cup Head
Coach Marty Reiman and Women’s Head Coach Tracy Baker-Holmes and the Plate Head Coach
Jeremy Buckley having to step down due to starting a family in 2020.

New coaches that have been appointed are:
Cup Head Coach – Nathan Harkness
Plate Head Coach – Elliot Maher
Women’s Head Coach – Rosie Baker-Holmes

Player and Volunteer Shout Outs
Matthew Spinks and Isaiah Olsen were selected to play in the BDAFL Representative sides with Isaiah Olsen being named Best on Ground on the day

Louisa Buckley – First Female Senior President for the Club and awarded the Club person of the
year award for her outstanding contribution throughout the 2019 season. There wasn’t a job she
didn’t take on throughout the season and her and husband Jeremy will be adding to the doggies
team early 2020 with their first child on the way.

Tracy Baker-Holmes – for being awarded All Australian at the Women’s Masters and also played in
the NSW Police Championships

Rachel Evans, Elizabeth Brown, Di Crep, Emma Chester and Tracey Baker-Holmes for playing at the
Women’s Masters

To our Main Sponsor the Warners Bay Hotel, thank you for another wonderful year and we look
forward to more after match drinks, meals and functions in 2020