Lake Macquarie Seniors Post-Season Review

Last season was off to a slow start with training numbers down until it was announced that the Dockers would have only a men’s plate team. Once this happened numbers picked up to see Lake Macquarie men have a full bench in all games. The women’s team also were relentless in their recruiting as the season progressed till they finish the season will full benches.

Both teams finished just a little out of the play off but acquitted themselves well. The women played to form and won all the games against team down the order but struggled against some of the better teams.

The men were in a number of games that could have seen them finish well up the ladder but suffered a little in the pressure situations.

Emma-Jayne Howe and Tahlia Thomson were the clubs representative players

Club Award Winners
Equal women’s winners – Billie Schneeweiss and Carla Hill
Men’s Winner – Riley Janissen
Men’s Runner up – Tim Wells
Tim Clark – 200 games and life membership

We’re currently looking good for club retention for both the Women’s and Men’s teams, and we’re looking forward to 2020.