Cardiff Juniors Player Pocket Profile

On the countdown to round one, with under 20 days to go, we have the Cardiff Junior Club profile below:


Name: Charlotte Day
Nickname: Pocket Rocket or Doink
Club: Cardiff Hawks
What position do you like to play: Mids
What do you like about playing football at your club: We have a really good club, our coaches are supportive and teach us skills to become better players. And my team. They are more than just team mates they are my friends
Who’s your favourite AFL team: GWS Giants & Sydney Swans
Who is your favourite AFL player: Isaac Heeney – because he started out at Cardiff and because of his mark of the year
Who is your favourite AFLW player: Rebecca Privitelli – I met her last year and she was really nice
Favourite Movie: Spy kids and Despicable me 3
Favourite cartoon/movie character: Scooby Doo
Favourite snack before a game: Oats, banana and honey
Who is your funniest team mate: Hannah and Lana. They are both always so happy and always making everyone laugh
Who at your club has the best goal celebration: I can’t pick just one person. All of our players get excited when they score a goal and all our teams celebrate together
What are you looking forward to the most in season 2019: I’m looking forward to playing my favourite sport with the best, funniest, sweetest group of girls.