BARTV Sports – AFL Hunter Central Coast Season schedule

AFL Hunter Central Coast is pleased to announce a partnership with BARTV Sports which will see a minimum of two games streamed live each round during the AFL HCC 2019 season.

Each round BARTV will stream a Men’s Black Diamond Cup match and AFLHCC Women’s match (except Round 1 and Round 18).

Along with this BARTV will also stream the following;

– Women’s Local Representative Games on Easter Monday

– Representative games on Saturday May 18th

– Finals (Starting August 24th)

AFL HCC 2019 BARTV schedule:

Round One Round One
Saturday, Mar 30 Saturday, Mar 30
NA Gosford vs. Lake Macquarie

Terrigal Avoca vs. Cardiff

Round Two Round Two
Saturday, Apr 6 Saturday, Apr 6
Warners Bay vs. Singleton Warners Bay vs. Singleton
Round Three Round Three
Saturday, Apr 13 Saturday, Apr 13
Gosford vs. Maitland Gosford vs. Maitland
Round Four Round Four
Saturday, Apr 25 Saturday, Apr 25
Cardiff vs. Warners Bay Cardiff vs. Warners Bay
Round Five Round Five
Saturday, May 4 Saturday, May 4
Lake Macquarie vs. Nelson Bay Lake Macquarie vs. Nelson Bay
Round Six Round Six
Saturday, May 11 Saturday, May 11
Wyong Lakes vs. Killarney Vale Wyong Lakes vs. Killarney Vale
Round Seven Round Seven
Saturday, May 25 Saturday, May 25
Cardiff vs. Newcastle City Stars Cardiff vs. Newcastle City
Round Eight Round Eight
Saturday, Jun 1 Saturday, Jun 1
Newcastle City Stars vs. Terrigal Avoca Newcastle City vs. Terrigal Avoca
Round Nine Round Nine
Saturday, Jun 15 Saturday, Jun 15
Maitland vs. Wyong Lakes Maitland vs. Wyong Lakes
Round Ten Round Ten
Saturday, Jun 22 Saturday, Jun 22
Nelson Bay vs. Muswellbrook Nelson Bay vs. Singleton
Round Eleven Round Eleven
Saturday, Jun 29 Saturday, Jun 29
Killarney Vale vs. Warners Bay Killarney Vale vs. Warners Bay
Round Twelve Round Twelve
Saturday, Jul 6 Saturday, Jul 6
Gosford vs. The Entrance Bateau Bay Gosford vs. Nelson Bay
Round Thirteen Round Thirteen
Saturday, Jul 13 Saturday, Jul 13
Maitland vs. Wallsend – West Newcastle Maitland vs. Singleton
Round Fourteen Round Fourteen
Saturday, Jul 20 Saturday, Jul 20
Terrigal Avoca vs. Port Stephens Terrigal Avoca vs. Newcastle City
Round Fifteen Round Fifteen
Saturday, Jul 27 Saturday, Jul 27
Killarney Vale vs. Gosford Killarney Vale vs. Gosford
Round Sixteen Round Sixteen
Saturday, Aug 3 Saturday, Aug 3
Newcastle City Novas vs. Cardiff Newcastle City vs Cardiff
Round Seventeen Round Seventeen
Saturday, Aug 10 Saturday, Aug 10
Wyong Lakes vs. The Entrance Bateau Bay Wyong Lakes vs. Lake Macquarie
Week 1 Finals/Gala Day Round Eighteen
Saturday, Aug 17 Saturday, Aug 17
NA Terrigal Avoca vs. Killarney Vale

(Cup and Plate games covered)

*Additional games from any competition may be streamed live upon request by Clubs