Singleton Roosters set for off-season league and personnel change

This article and accompanying picture were originally published on the Singleton Argus Website and was written by Singleton Argus Journalist, Cody Tsaousis


WHILE the West Coast Eagles bask in the glory of their last-gasp AFL premiership, the local big birds, the Singleton Roosters, are going through a large transitional phase off the field. Both internal and external factors have meant the club will have a lot to get used to before the next season begins.

Perhaps the largest difference though will come as a result of the league leadership, with the Singleton competition now set to be fully claimed under the AFL banner. They had previously belonged to Black Diamond AFL, which was affiliated with AFL NSW-ACT but recognised as a separate entity. As part of the new management, the juniors and seniors will be moved into the same umbrella league, which Mr Deacon hopes will make it easier for younger players to make the step up.

Another one of their most pressing matters is in regards to the women’s senior side, who are in need of a new coach after Andrew Macpherson stepped down from the role. Mr Deacon is on the lookout for some new managerial talent and implores anyone interested to enquire about the vacancy. “The ability to transfer the essential skills would be fantastic, but like any coaching role I think someone who is a good communicator and can mesh together a group of women from all walks of life, and get them playing as one on a football pitch is the main characteristic that’ll make a good coach.”

The women’s game has been growing to the extent they are even considering bringing in an under-14s and under-17s level to help develop the upcoming athletes in the area. Last year’s best and fairest runner up for the senior side, Tahlia Thompson, encourages more girls to get involved following their best ever season last year, when they made the semi-finals.

“It’s good to make new friends, it’s a fun game and it’s a new experience so it’d be good to get more numbers,” she said.

It’s set to be a year of intrigue as they cope with the raft of changes, but with cool heads and innovative input at the top, their on-field success is sure to remain the focus.

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